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Skiing in Europe: the 5 best destinations | Blog DelayFlight24

Jan, 11 2022 by  DelayFlight24
Skiing in Europe

Skiing in Europe: The Best Destinations on the Snow


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Discover Prague: Top 5 Things You Can't Miss | Blog DelayFlight24

Dec, 21 2021 by  DelayFlight24
Discover Prague

Prague: everything you need to see


Surrounded by dreamy sandy beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, lush and gleaming golden dune, gothic grace and renaissance architecture, Prague is undoubtedly the best destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable vacation. Whether you explore the medieval street in the sunlight or see the sunset on the riverside of Vltava on a fine evening, visiting Prague will be a worthwhile experience for a lifetime.

Set to fly for the beautiful country and want to know what to do there?

Whether it is the best historical places to visit or the jazz music festival and puppet show, we have listed everything you can discover in Prague.


  • Infant Jesus of Prague

Paying a visit to the infant Jesus of Prague is the first thing you can do while travelling there, also known as the child of Prague. Located in the heart of mala Starla, it is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ. Every day, more than a hundred people visit, pray and make wishes believing they will come true.


  • Time square

Want to get mesmerized by the breathtaking architectural innovation of Prague? Then, the time square is your place. Since the 10th century, this historical place has remained untouched despite being a lively historical invasion. Surrounded by many historical streets, restaurants, street performers, and musicians, this place has everything to entertain you to the core.


  • Cruise in the Vltava

Imagine watching the beauty of Prague from the water! It can be another level of experience to explore all of the historical monuments from a different angle. Also, you can enjoy the fun of playing with the waves. There are numerous cruises in the river from which you can rent one for a certain period. So get aboard a cruise to escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the city centre.


  • Puppet show

It will not take time to find out how passionate Prague people are about a puppet show. At present, the city has over 20 specialized puppet shops, 30 puppet makers, and even a museum. To enjoy the best and most famous puppet show, you can visit the National Marionette Theatre or Theater Spejbl and Hurvinek.


  • Pork Knuckle

Pork Knuckle is an absolute dish for the meat lover. It is the most popular in Czech cuisine that is expected to be marinated in beer and served with pickled vegetables and dark Czech cheese. So naturally, eating a large chunk of meat can sometimes attract the onlooker. But the aromatic tenders and delicious taste of the dish will be delightful in every bit.


Now that you have enough information about exploring and discovering in Prague, why not pack your bag, book your flight, and start the most awaited journey? Moreover, if you face any delay or unpleasant situation while taking the flight route, you have the opportunity to claim compensation or refund through the help of

That way, you will have nothing to worry about.


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Christmas 2021: Top 5 Tourist destinations | Blog DelayFlight24

Dec, 07 2021 by  DelayFlight24
Top 5 Tourist destinations Christmas 2021

Where to spend Christmas 2021?


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